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Tianjin Kaida Science and Technology Co.,Ltd has many years of experience in the production of industrial vacuum cleaners. It has many years of experience in the industry. Among our customers, our products are highly praised. Our company’s technology for producing industrial vacuum cleaners also has many leading advantages in the industry. Now we will introduce […]

1. Selection of high pressure hard pipe Our common high-pressure hard tubes are mainly rigid guns. Its design is mainly focused on materials, size specifications, high pressure cleaners, and processing techniques. Generally, steels with high strength, good plasticity, good impact toughness, high fatigue strength and uniform microstructure are generally selected. The inner diameter is generally […]

1. The preferred material for the recycling drum of the explosion-proof vacuum cleaner is stainless steel (for general industry) or stainless steel (for the pharmaceutical industry / clean room). 2. The explosion-proof vacuum cleaner has a filter to capture fine dust (including toxic or annoying dust) to prevent it from returning to the workplace. Some […]

Grinding and polishing of concrete floor, grinding and polishing of stone floor, grinding of new and old epoxy floor, grinding and polishing of concrete seal curing agent and various art floors Floor grinding machine performance characteristics: 1. This machine adopts full gear transmission, four plates for counter grinding, 12 grinding heads for cross operation, no […]

In industrial production, there are many production processes that produce a variety of dust. As the concentration of dust increases the degree of damage to workers, equipment, plant safety and the environment, it is necessary to treat these dusts. When it comes to governance, it must be equipped with dust-removing equipment, that is, dust collectors. […]

Industrial vacuum cleaners are a kind of matching or cleaning equipment commonly used in the industry. They can be used for waste collection, air filtration and purification, and environmental cleaning in industrial production processes. At the same time, it can be used together with industrial production equipment to absorb dust and debris generated during production […]

Industrial cleaning basically depends on your part material, process requirements to choose water-based cleaning or solvent cleaning. If the cleaning and cleaning requirements are not high, water-based cleaning is used. Solvent cleaning should be required if the cleaning cleanliness is critical and your part has many complex geometries of slits and blind holes. For solvent […]

Industrial vacuum cleaner (industrial vacuum cleaner), an industrial vacuum cleaner used in industrial production processes to collect waste, filter and purify air, and perform environmental cleaning. Industrial vacuum cleaners can absorb all kinds of metal, non-metal, oil, water and other particulate dirt and liquids, can absorb toxic and harmful gases, improve the quality of products […]

Physical cleaning method 1 mechanical cleaning method: cleaning device and scraper cleaning method, drill pipe cleaning method, shot blast cleaning method. 2 water purification method: low pressure hydraulic cleaning (low pressure cleaning pressure is 196-686 kPa, about 2-7 kg force / square centimeter, equal to 0.2-0.7Mpa). 3 high pressure water jet equipment cleaning: high pressure […]

High-pressure cleaners are divided into three categories: household, commercial and industrial. Industrial high-pressure cleaners, in addition to general requirements, often have some special requirements. Water cutting is a good example. The heart of high-pressure cleaners is high-pressure pumps, which are in an irreplaceable position. Piston pumps are the most common. Because they are more efficient […]

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