Industrial vacuum cleaner (industrial vacuum cleaner), an industrial vacuum cleaner used in industrial production processes to collect waste, filter and purify air, and perform environmental cleaning. Industrial vacuum cleaners can absorb all kinds of metal, non-metal, oil, water and other particulate dirt and liquids, can absorb toxic and harmful gases, improve the quality of products in the textile industry, and recover some expensive catalytic materials in the chemical industry, and As an environmentally friendly equipment, industrial vacuum cleaners can effectively prevent the dangers of some occupational diseases, such as electric welders and pneumoconiosis. Industrial vacuum cleaner Longgu high-pressure fan Compared with household vacuum cleaner, industrial vacuum cleaner has the advantages of continuous use for 24 hours, strong suction, large dust storage capacity, long service life and high temperature resistance. Especially industrial vacuum cleaner has almost no requirements for suction. Various materials and various shapes of waste media can be absorbed. Through the adjustment of filter media, such as filter elements and filter bags, solid particles with an accuracy of 0.1 micron can be absorbed, which can be applied to industries such as fine chemicals and precision machinery.

Industrial vacuum cleaners also include compressed air powered manual transfer tools, fast and efficient high speed vacuum units or high speed pneumatic cleaning guns. The high-speed pneumatic cleaning gun is a powerful hand-held vacuum gun that is lightweight and easy to use. Its internal air amplifier converts compressed air into a powerful suction airflow. Such a vacuum gun is easy to control by human hand, and it is no longer necessary to move the electric device as often as the ordinary electric vacuum pump on the market. Therefore, it is not necessary to be careful to shock and burn the motor. Danger.

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