In industrial production, there are many production processes that produce a variety of dust. As the concentration of dust increases the degree of damage to workers, equipment, plant safety and the environment, it is necessary to treat these dusts. When it comes to governance, it must be equipped with dust-removing equipment, that is, dust collectors. However, different types of dust collectors always have their own advantages and disadvantages, as well as the applicable scenarios of various types of dust collectors. This article discusses the bag-type with the different properties of dust. Dust collectors, filter cartridge dust collectors, cyclone dust collectors and electrostatic precipitators are a shallow discussion.

Before discussing the nature of dust, it has to be said that there are many reasons for the generation of dust and dust, but in general, it is mainly the transportation of raw materials, the crushing of raw materials, the processing of materials, etc., which will produce various kinds of dust, although it is the same. The raw materials are completely different in the different processing processes because of the different particle sizes of the dust.
Generally speaking, the characteristics of dust are understood from two aspects: on the one hand, the biological angle, that is, the harm of dust to people, and the other is the dust purification. The first aspect is beyond the scope of this article, but it is clear that dust of a certain particle size can be directly inhaled into the respiratory tract and difficult to be excreted to form a lung disease. The rest is the direction of dust removal and purification. The different properties of dust will directly affect the purification efficiency of dust. For example, if the dust is hydrophobic and the hydraulic hardness is high, the wet dust collector is not suitable. If the specific resistance of the dust is very high, the static electricity is very high. The dust removal effect of the dust collector will decrease; if the hardness of the dust is too large, the problem of wear should be considered. If the moisture is too large, the bag filter will be relatively poor. If it is explosive dust, it must be selected to be explosion-proof. Equipment dust collector and so on. It can be seen that the nature of the dust directly determines the selection of the dust collector.
For the purpose of ventilation and dust removal, the dust collector is generally required to be classified into three.
1. The composition of dust and the composition of wind dust is an important basis for selecting a dust collector and designing a dust removal system. In general, the composition of the dust and the composition of the materials used are consistent, but the percentages of the various ingredients are inconsistent. For example, the grain will contain a small amount of sandstone particles, while the dust of the stone factory is basically all ore dust, but with different particle sizes, the dust can be said to be completely different, and the “dust” of more than 30μm is often not Inhaled into the lungs by the human body, usually called granules, dust of 30-10μm will be suspended in the air, and can be separated by sedimentation or centrifugal force. Here, dust collectors such as cyclone, sedimentation chamber, etc. can be used, and the particle size Once less than 10μm, aerosol will form. At this time, the cyclone will basically not work. Only dust collectors suitable for dust can be used. At this time, it is necessary to use bag filter, filter cartridge dust collector and electrostatic dust removal. Make a choice in the device.
2, the dispersion of dust, the dispersion of dust mainly refers to the percentage of the weight and quantity of various particle sizes, the dispersion of dust mainly provides the number of dust collectors to choose, such as the average dispersion of dust, a variety of When the dust of the particle size is contained, it is often necessary to consider multi-stage purification, such as using a cyclone as a primary purification, and then using a bag filter or a filter cartridge as a secondary purification; or using a simple bag to remove dust. The device is purified as a first stage, and then purified by a static cleaner.
3, dust sedimentation and suspension, this property is mainly related to dust particle size, such as 100μm dust, accelerated sinking in the still air, and 1 ~ 100μm dust is to make constant velocity sedimentation and so on.

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