1. The preferred material for the recycling drum of the explosion-proof vacuum cleaner is stainless steel (for general industry) or stainless steel (for the pharmaceutical industry / clean room).

2. The explosion-proof vacuum cleaner has a filter to capture fine dust (including toxic or annoying dust) to prevent it from returning to the workplace. Some must be equipped with an activated carbon filter to absorb polluting or toxic gases and odors.

3, electric explosion-proof vacuum cleaner must use a completely closed motor, the carbon brush is completely enclosed inside, pneumatic explosion-proof vacuum cleaner using venturi, does not require any moving parts, does not produce any heat.

4, conductive straws and accessories must ensure that static electricity can be eliminated.

5. The explosion-proof vacuum cleaner must be grounded to ensure that the static electricity generated during the use of the vacuum cleaner is eliminated. The explosion-proof plug of the electric explosion-proof vacuum cleaner must have a grounding wire, and must be inserted into the grounded socket, and pneumatically grounded through the air supply pipe.

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