We are full range of ground processing manufacturer and we supply our machine for many projects domestic and abroad. The following are some of the more popular machines and used widely in many project

  1. Concrete grinding machine

    Our machine is with automatic overheat power protection, it could solve overload problem.Integrated gear case could hold more than 8L gear oil, so the machine is more durable and less machine wear.the bottom of machine is with two strong magnetic discs with axis & two auxiliary fixing screws. it could prevent discs from flying out.

  2. Laser paver machine

    Our machine are equipped with patented high-precision Tianbao laser system and intelligent control system to perform high quality concrete leveling.The laser leveling machine high construction efficiency, can significantly improve the floor flatness, which can perform unmanned construction, reducing the 30% of the operators. 

  3. Concrete trowel machine

    This machine is mainly used for troweling concrete surface. After using this machine the surface of concrete will be more smooth, level off. It can greatly improve the compactness of concrete surface, resistance to wear. It can greatly improve work efficiency, the artificial operation can be improved more than dozens of times.

  4. Grinding discs

    According to the needs and habits flexible collocation a variety of hand mill or refurbished machine, choose different partical size of grinding, used for coarse grinding fine grinding and polishing processing.

  5. Hardener agent

    Our agent adapts to most of working environment and compression resistance increased by 27.3%. After using hardener agent,the surface will be dust-proof ,anti-slip, impervious and resistance to weather.