Physical cleaning method

1 mechanical cleaning method: cleaning device and scraper cleaning method, drill pipe cleaning method, shot blast cleaning method.

2 water purification method: low pressure hydraulic cleaning (low pressure cleaning pressure is 196-686 kPa, about 2-7 kg force / square centimeter, equal to 0.2-0.7Mpa).

3 high pressure water jet equipment cleaning: high pressure cleaning pressure is 4900 kPa, about 50 kg force / square centimeter, equal to 5Mpa. This method is also called high pressure water jet method and high pressure cleaner.

4 ultrasonic cleaning principle

2. The principle of anti-scaling and descaling by electronic cleaning method is to change the molecular structure of water by high-frequency electric field to prevent scale and descaling. When the water passes through the high-frequency electric field, its molecular physical structure changes. The original associative chain-shaped large wyt_dsry is broken into a single water molecule. The positive and negative ions of the salt in the water are surrounded by a single water molecule, and the moving speed is reduced, and the collision is effective. The number of times is reduced, the electrostatic attractive force is lowered, and the structure on the surface of the heated wall tube cannot be obtained, thereby achieving the purpose of preventing scale. At the same time, due to the increase of the dipole moment of the water molecule, it makes the positive and negative ions of the salt (the adsorption capacity of the scale molecules is increased, so that the scale on the heating surface or the tube wall becomes soft and easily falls off, and the descaling effect is produced.

3. Anti-scaling, descaling and electronic descaling are also the purpose of anti-scaling and descaling by changing the state of water molecules. It’s just that the latter uses the role of an electrostatic field, not an electron. The mechanism is that the water molecules have a polarity (also called a dipole). When the water dipole passes through the electrostatic field, each water dipole will be continuously arranged in a positive and negative order. If the water contains dissolved salts, the positive and negative ions will be surrounded by water dipoles, and they will also be arranged in the water dipole group in positive and negative order. They cannot move by themselves and thus cannot be close to the tube wall. It is deposited on the wall of the tube to form scale. At the same time, the oxygen released in the water can produce a very thin oxide layer on the pipe wall to prevent corrosion of the pipe wall.

4. Chemical cleaning method: the chemical contamination is used to remove the surface contamination or the coating layer, such as pickling and alkali washing of the scale layer. In order to protect the substrate from corrosion during chemical cleaning or to control the corrosion rate within the allowable range, an appropriate amount of corrosion inhibitor and an additive for activation, permeation and wetting are usually added to the chemical cleaning solution. Method: The soaking method, the circulation method, and the running cleaning method are also called non-stop chemical cleaning methods.

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