Tianjin Kaida Science and Technology Co.,Ltd has many years of experience in the production of industrial vacuum cleaners. It has many years of experience in the industry. Among our customers, our products are highly praised. Our company’s technology for producing industrial vacuum cleaners also has many leading advantages in the industry. Now we will introduce the characteristics and technical superiority of our products.

1 In the material of our products, our company’s filter screen uses a chip structure, and there are many kinds of chip structure. In the application of materials, our polyester material can make the air flow compare with the air flow through the air chamber. Evenly, our filter area is relatively larger for other company products. This error can reduce the speed of dust and the filter bag will not be blocked. This will increase the efficiency of the work and save the cost of the enterprise.

2 In the construction of industrial vacuum cleaners, our company has also invested a lot of scientific research, the latest circulating air-cooling structure, which solves the trouble that the vacuum cleaner can’t work for a long time, and can work safely in a day’s work. In the structure of the whole machine, we use high-grade plastic steel, the material is more solid, has the advantages of easy cleaning, corrosion resistance, stable work, etc., and the service life is longer.

3 In terms of ease of use, we also consider the customer, the wheels are installed in the vacuum cleaner, so that one can easily work and save the customer’s troubles.

4 Our company’s industrial vacuum cleaners have the biggest features of small size and large suction. Our industrial vacuum cleaners use the dust-absorbing function to clean the garbage.

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