1. Selection of high pressure hard pipe
Our common high-pressure hard tubes are mainly rigid guns. Its design is mainly focused on materials, size specifications, high pressure cleaners, and processing techniques. Generally, steels with high strength, good plasticity, good impact toughness, high fatigue strength and uniform microstructure are generally selected. The inner diameter is generally 2-10 mm and the wall thickness is 2.5 mm or more.
2, the selection of high pressure hose
High pressure hoses and connections are an important part of high pressure cleaners. The high pressure fluid has to travel a long distance from the discharge end of the water pump to the nozzle. There are also high pressure water guns, control valves and various joints. Whether the piping and connection are reasonable directly affects the performance and working life of the system! When selecting a high-pressure hose, the pressure should be twice the maximum pressure of the equipment, and the minimum burst pressure should not be less than 4 times the working pressure of the equipment! It is found that the high-pressure hose has abnormal phenomena such as air bubbles, cracks, delamination and bare steel wire. At this time, it cannot be used again and needs to be re-crimped or replaced. Otherwise, it will cause serious casualties.

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