Grinding and polishing of concrete floor, grinding and polishing of stone floor, grinding of new and old epoxy floor, grinding and polishing of concrete seal curing agent and various art floors
Floor grinding machine performance characteristics:

1. This machine adopts full gear transmission, four plates for counter grinding, 12 grinding heads for cross operation, no gap left in grinding, and superior mechanical balance performance. Various types of consumables can be installed to reduce construction costs.

2. The machine body is designed with castings in one piece, with high precision, high strength and long service life. The gear box is integrally die-casted with road alloy, which has good sealing degree, high precision and good heat dissipation.

3, the new folding handle design, easy to move, the body can be separated, easy to carry, stable operation, high efficiency.

4, the machine comes with a large-capacity water tank, can be connected to the vacuum equipment, do dust-free grinding construction, to achieve two working modes of dry and wet.

5, gear processing accuracy (4), more heat treatment than the general gear to increase the hardness of the grinding teeth (tempering, carburizing, high frequency induction), finishing to increase the grinding bite and degree, reduce the high-speed running on the grinding teeth Damage and noise.

6. Each part is equipped with a cushion and a shock absorbing spring to reduce vibration, increase operating comfort and smoothness. Strong magnetic head, easy to replace. The water tank and the gear box shell are made of FRP, which is high in hardness, easy to clean and not easy to age.

7. The intelligent adjustment speed of the machine can adjust the mechanical speed according to different grounds. The troubleshooting can increase the use effect and convenience.

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