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Let every engineering project use an high-effect floor treatment system.

We often lament the dexterity of nature, but from another perspective, the city that mankind constructed against nature is the unique scenery in the universe. As the building continues to expand toward the periphery of the world, the ground will always be the foundation for human support and an integral part of the project. Advances in human science and technology have made the design of ground-based instruments more complicated, but their purpose has always been simple. That is to improve the efficiency of construction and obtain a better ground handling effect. We believe that simple results outweigh complicated explanations. We believe that the double saving of manpower and time is the manifestation of efficiency. We believe multi-instrument collaboration systems will achieve better performance. We are committed to reducing overall construction costs by combining a single powerful mechanical forming system, making surface treatment the most solid foundation for every project.


Continuously improving the performance of floor treatment system.

Providing effective solutions for floor treatment.

The pursuit of improving construction efficiency is endless. Ground handling machinery complex is a strong demonstration of innovative thinking and high-quality mechanical product integration. It is Kaida people’s responsibility to establish and continuously optimize this system. The standard for checking system capabilities is the ratio of construction effectiveness to construction time.
It is the most proud of Kaida people to look for the best combination of machinery in a complex and diverse project and achieve the goal successfully with the least amount of material. Kaida people do not consider themselves to be the makers of machines and equipment, but rather the designers of solutions and incorporate this idea into the blood of every Kaida people.

Core values

Working conscientiously

Always using Lean Thinking to direct actions

Conforming to the changes in continuous innovation