350B Floor Scrubing Machine

350B model represents revolutionary new thinking in small walk-behind scrubbing machines, with its compact design, is highly maneuverable, and easy to operate. It is an ideal choice for cleaning small sized floor area for commercial and industrial facilities.

  • Easy to use, simply to maintain and productivity of 850 ㎡ per hour
  • Cleans even hard to reach areas that are inaccessible to typical scrubbing machines.
  • Low noise level enables daytime cleaning, even in noise sensitive locations.
  • Handiness is its strong point; it requires little space to park and is easy to carry. It can even be transported in small commercial work vehicles.
  • The instrument panels are built with maximum crgonmics, All the commands are within easy reach.
  • The brush and squeegee blades can be easily changed without tools.


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